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DT Swiss Spoke Introduction


Did you know that DT Swiss is the world’s largest spoke manufacturer? We produce several millions high-quality stainless steel spokes every year in Biel and Grand Junction.

DT Swiss is the world’s largest high-grade steel spoke manufacturer. There is no application where we can’t offer the perfect spoke – from ultra light to heavy duty. All spokes are made of stainless steel X5 CrNi 18/10 (1.4301), and the raw material (stainless steel wire) is manufactured exclusively for DT Swiss with rolled threads. All DT Swiss spokes fulfill the requirements of the German industrial standard DIN-79100. 100% Swiss made.

Butted (reduced) spokes ?the smaller diameter in the middle of the spoke lends the spoke the mechanical properties that are needed in light, fast wheels that are subjected to extreme conditions. DT Swiss has developed its own technology for reducing the diameter of the spoke: CFT cold forging technology! The spoke wire is forged and not drawn ?only from DT Swiss!

Straight spokes ?the original spoke design with the same diameter across the entire length.

Bladed spokes ?fast, attractive and light! As with butted spokes, the forged middle section of the spoke improves its mechanical properties and optimizes the aerodynamic properties of the wheel.

DT aerolite
In competitions and races, every gram counts! DT aerolite is the exceptionally light, aerodynamic and extremely strong top spoke.
Wheels with this flat, cold-forged, black spoke not only look unique, they also win races! The DT aerolite can be used with standard hubs despite the flat middle section. 100% Swiss made.

DT aero speed
DT aero speed is, as the name says, extremely aerodynamic and fast. Despite the flat middle section, it can be used with standard hubs. DT aero speed is the right spoke for all wheels for MTB and road bikes. Black and silver, 100% Swiss made.

DT alpine III
The DT alpine III can really take abuse. Triple cold-forged, super-strong at the spoke head and thread, it withstands radical loads. DT alpine III is used in downhill, trial and freeride. Silver, 100% Swiss made.

DT competition
DT competition, the all-rounder among spokes! This double cold-forged spoke is designed for all applications, such as MTB, road, city and touring.
DT competition is manufactured in black and silver and is 100% Swiss made.

DT new aero
This flat, ellipse-shaped spoke is suitable for high-quality aerodynamic wheels thanks to its special shape. Due to its aerodynamic properties, it is used primarily in road biking (time races on track and street). Silver, 100% Swiss made.


DT revolution
DT revolution is one of the most popular spokes ever, whether in MTB, road or wheelchair use.
Double cold-forged, ultra-light and highly resistant – these are the features of the DT revolution. It is available in black or silver and is of course 100% Swiss made.

DT super comp
With the DT super comp, you can build perfect wheels for bikes with disc brakes. The triple cold-forged DT super comp withstands the most extreme loads. Butting of the middle section saves additional weight.
DT super comp is ideal for disc brake bikes, freeride and touring. Black and 100% Swiss made.

DT revolution 1.8/1.5 261g
DT aerolite BLACK 2.0/2.3*0.9/2.0 278g
DT revolution BLACK 2.0/1.5 283g
DT revolution 2.0/1.5 283g
DT competition BLACK 1.8/1.6 311g
DT competition 1.8/1.6 311g
DT super comp BLACK 2.0/1.7/1.8 318g
DT aero speed BLACK 1.8/2.3*1.2/1.8 355g
DT aero speed 1.8/2.3*1.2/1.8 355g
DT champion 1.8 359g
DT competition BLACK 2.0/1.8 382g
DT competition 2.0/1.8 382g
DT alpine III 2.34/1.8/2.0 418g
DT new aero 2.0/3.3*1.0/2.0 437g
DT champion BLACK 2.0 444g
DT champion 2.0 444g
DT champion 2.34 591g size

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